md5bfcpf - Documentation

MD5BFCPF 'MD5 Brute Force Cracker in Perl with Forking'
Written by Michael Stankiewicz
Brainstorming-help by Roberto D. Maggi

Software under GNU General Public License (GPL) (Second Version)

For bugs and suggestions please e-mail me at

Once you have the 'md5bfcpf.tgz' file you must untar it with 'tar xzvf md5bfcpf.tgz' to get the '' file, or simply download it from
Ensure that you have the right permission to read the '/etc/shadow' file or use another one and pass it to with this command line:

perl /etc/shadow

please refer to the ' --help' in-line manual for more instructions on how to use arguments and flags.

Remember: cracking others computer is illegal!!!
Disclaimer: The author does NOT take responsabilities for what you do with this software!!!

- - Have fun!